Hello world!

Now is the big question ofcourse, in which language will I write My weblog? Because I also have loads of foreign friends, I think I will write in English, so I’m sorry for those who aren’t good with English, its about time you would, grinz.

It’s Sunday, and it was terribly late last night. This doesn’t happen too often, and that’s for the better, because I feel it half the week, yes I know I know , Im  not 20 anymore, nor do I want to be though. But My body makes that very clear, it hurts more, when I don’t give myself the rest I should have.

That has also gotto do with the condition of my body. I have fibromilagya, which is a form of arthritis, which causes pain day in day out, and makes me more tired at times, then I should feel. That’s not always that pleasant. For instance when I go swimming, which I did, untill a few weeks ago, I can be so tired that when I go to bed, I can sleep half a day away. Well that’s a waste of My weekend, so I rather do different things instead. So much to do, so little time. Isn’t that for most people so? 😀

I hope I can regulairly update this blog, since I’ve alot of other hobby’s I have. And time isn’t always on my side. And how much can a person do a day?

For people who don’t know me I will write a short introduction :

Im Marjon van der Vegt. I am 45 springs young. I was born and raised in The Hague, The Netherlands, and I do have an 18 year old son Milenko. I do volentearwork, and I’ve loads of hobbys : Acting with the group Spelegast. We do play ‘ Moord in de Kerststal” van Arjan Ederveen. ( Murder in the Christmasstable) It’s hilarious, in which will be a delivery (by moi) and songs sang (also by moi) and dancing by the Kings & the little elfs. I can recommand it for young & old, it’s one fun play just before Christmas.

I love to write poetry, and this is My Dutch poetry site. This is My English Poetry site. Please take a look and feel free to respond. That’s always nice to hear from you guys.

I also love to take pictures which I post on nu.nl and on Facebook. I blog for Den Haag Direct about stuff which happens in The Hague.

And ofcourse I am on Facebook with my name, so you can find me there as well. I love art, nature, great quotes, loving people, good movies and music, so that’s me in a nutshell, I do wish everyone a very happy Sunday and read you later.

Bye for now.


~De zee lag aan mijn lippen~


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