Goed moe van ‘n heerlijk weekend ! Tired after a great weekend !

Friday was the funeral of Renate. Her family decided they wanted to keep it private, so I had to find My own way to say My goodbye to her, So I rang up Dorien (88 years) and asked if she wanted to go with Me friday to the Graveyard St. Petrus Banden. It’s a Catholic graveyard, very beautiful, and it should be beautiful at this time of year. And the weatherman had said it would stay dry. So she was very happy that I was coming to pick her up, so we would go out together. So went there, and it was still early, and we walked in. The clouds we’re all out, so it was a bit sad, because the leafs we’re so beautiful, and all the colors together, of the plants and trees was like a palette of a painter. It was amazing, where you would look. So Dorien and I walked, around and round.. and I showed her the graves of famous people, who lay there. And I discovered more and more stuff, which I had never seen before, and gosh I do come there some years, amazing that is.

Oak leafsIt’s so great to walk with Dorien, because now she spots even beautiful things sooner then Me. It’s always a fabulous to go out with her. She has a very broad interest, in people in life, and in beauty’s of life. We can talk about anything and everything. We’re a good team together ! Before we knew it, we had walked 2,5 hours, and then we went to a pub nearby, to sit down, and have a drink, and some food. We we’re losing track of time, by seeing this and that, and this name, and that, Ive taken 387 pictures, and put half of it on Facebook, because Im too tired, to do the rest.

After our break we went back, to go to the toilet, and go to the other graveyard, at the end of the street. There lies My buddy Sonja, she only became 29 years young, as she took her own life. So I wanted to put a candle on her grave, because I hadn’t been here in a long time, and just wanted too! So we walked through this huge impressive graveyard, which was way too big to also go through, but we would only go to Sonja, and then back home again. So we did it was gorgeous there.

So afterwards I showed Dorien a grave from a one year old boy. That grave always intrigued Me, because there we’re candles burning even now, and there was we’re all new toys around the grave, as it had been for all the years I’ve been coming on that graveyard. We counted the years, how long that boy had been layed to rest. It was fourteen long years ago. And the candles we’re still burning till this day. How much grieve do those parents still feel untill this day ? Dorien & I speculated how the situation could have been. Amazing. I’ve been on many graveyards, call Me silly, so be it, but I’ve never seen a grave being looked after so dedicated as this one. The grieve was felt, even after all those long long years. I was thinking of leaving a note, for this parent, I didn’t though.. but I was thinking it..

Then we walked back, and I watched My clock, and saw that it was 15.00 hours, and the sun came out,… This wasn’t a coinsedence since the service of Renate would start at that time. So I took pictures of it, and thought of her, and her husband, and the children, who have to miss their Mum at such an early age.

She shined gracefully.

The sun came through at 15.00

Dorien and I left this beautiful place, and I took her home. At that evening I had premiere of ‘ Iphigeneia Koningskind’  through Odia, which I already blogged about, so I had to bike into town, and it was a great evening, and I was home late, and went late to bed, so I was tired as Sh*t!

And today I couldn’t sleep in because we had rehearsal all day. We went through the whole play, and ofcourse I forgot My lines right away,… and then it went fine, My solo was good, but My song with Joseph isnt yet.. so more to work on ! Time is getting nearer, and Im very busy to try to invite everyone I know to come and see this awesome, but funny play 😀 It will be good ! 🙂 We’ve time to put the dots on the i ! (Dutch saying)

So now, Im really tired, and I will take an early sleep, because I need one.

I wish you a very good evening, and untill next time 🙂


( I did say goodbye in My own way, which was a beautiful way, have a safe trip Renate, see you in Summerland)

The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.  ~George Elliot


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