Waking up on the tunes of Norah Jones :)

Goodmorning people,

Tuesday already. Yesterday I started with working out, as I do every mondaymorning. Our teacher Renata, had a breakdown, and she is on the ment, Boy was she on the ment, because she put us up to work !!! We all felt it 😀 After a good hour of sweating, we went for our weekly cuppa cawfee. Dorien was already there 🙂 So we had a nice talk. She had found some old pictures of her being a lil and cute girl, it was so nice to see. Her back in Indonesia, as an untroubled child. She still is until this day an untroubled soul. Amazing really.

Then I went for grosserie shopping, and back home, After a good lunch, I went so tired, that I took a nap. I had a long night coming full of acting again. So I rehearsed the songs, and started cooking. The time is crawling closer that My son, will leave for 3 upcoming months, to go and work in Yugoslavia, for School an asignment.

*sighs* 3 long months. The longest we’ve been seperated was 6 weeks, and then I really wanted him back home with Me. so… I’m not looking forward to the fact, this will b twice as long & he will miss Our beautiful performance this year. … Little children grow up so quick, and then they spread their wings, which is good of course… but still..

So after dinner, I again rehearsed the songs, and then I had to make a poem before I had to leave, and so I did, and off I went. When I arrived I heard ‘My’ Joseph sing through the window, so I sang allong already outside in the street! 🙂 Vivo Perlei is such a difficult song to sing, so we keep on searching for the right tone to start in.

Vivo perlei

But we will get there, Ive never sang before in a play, so this is all new to Me 🙂
Im good at showeringsinging, untill now 😀 This was the last rehearsal with our director since she fly’s to USA wednesday 🙂 So we’ve gotto work on the finishing touch.

The flyers are ready, so We’ve to spread them out,


Since I came on board of our acting group, Im getting the idea, how much work there is behind the scene’s in order to come to a performance. We’ve a meeting about it thursday. I need to print out the adresses of people, and then put them on the flyer, and send ‘m out! Spread the word, so they all come to watch the play !!!!

So after I came home, I sat down with a fresh cuppa T, to relax, and wind down, in order to go to bed, and have a good night sleep. And here Im, ready for another day. Which will be busy. I wish everyone a good one, until next time.


If we were all like angels, the world would be a heavenly place.


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