A late night again !

Goodevening dear readers,

I’ve been busy today, and I’m going to keep it short, because I should get My ass in bed, and get some rest, as I’ve a busy day ahead tomorrow too. But This afternoon I had a meeting with My Dad for a drink, and a talk, it was good to see him. Afterwards I was going to spread My posters arround town, and put flyers arround from the play. But I saw our Governement, with the lights on, there is so much going on there, I havent seen the news in days, and I hear just something now and then, but it looked as if they we’re very busy lemme show you one :


So I took some pictures, because it’s a very beautiful old building, and the light was getting darker. So then I went to My friends place ‘ De Wiener Konditorei’  to bring a poster & flyers. And she hang it up the door :



It’s time to let the world out there know, that we’re playing, and we need them to come to enjoy our play in December. So I drank a lovely hot chocolate, and went to look for a movie, to see what time that would play, because I want to go see it. So I took some more pictures, and it already was becoming dark, so I biked home, to get some dinner ready, and to work on My pictures, and now it’s time to go hug My pillow, I do wish you a very happy nite/day where ever you’re .


Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?

~Maurice Freehill~


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