‘n Welverdiende Zondagavond, A Well deserved Sunday !

Goodevening everyone, I’ve been so busy this week, that I didn’t have time to write My blog. Ive been busy, and tired, so I will Tell a bit about what I’ve done. Thursday I went with Dorien, My dear friend, to another graveyard nearby. It was damn cold, and I had forgotten My scarf, which wasn’t that smart. But it was a bit foggy and therefor I thought I could take good pictures of that big graveyard. She has friends burried there, so we went to look for them but unfortunatly We didn’t find them. It amazed Us how big this place was, and I Saw allot of stuff I had never seen before, I walk more on the Graveyard besides this one. So it was nice, and interesting, and cold.. brrr Roos But We we’re enjoying ourselves, by looking at the names, and the angels, it has always a special atmosphere on a graveyard, one full of peace 🙂 Engel op Nieuw Eyk & Duinen It was full with beautiful flowers, in all sorts, and I tried to capture their beauty, as well as I could. Beautiful Blue Twin Beauty Maria What a beautiful statue of Maria, and her Jesus. It was lovely and the red tree behind her makes her even more beautiful. What a special atmosphere is there on a graveyard, so quiet, ,most of the time, old graves, with young people in there, or old. all kinds, they are all even. Colors slowly dying Dorien & I had a great time, as always, but the weather was cold, so we had to go for a lunch, and a nice cuppa T. So we went off such a lunchstore. How fragile we are.. Then Friday, I met Eric, whom I had met in the Japanese garden, He also take beautiful pictures, and so we spoke for hours, and he showed Me his pictures, it was really really nice. And then I went to The website I write for, The Hague Direct, and spoke to the friends I’ve there, that was really nice, and took some pic’s along the way : Peace Palace This is the Peace Palace, this building has a big history. We’ve build this building with the Whole wide world, Every country contributed to make this building, and international conferances are held here. So it’s quite special. A shame it was so grey and foggy at Friday. Forry at sea In the afternoon on Saterday I met My dear friend Patrica, and we went to the beach for a lunch, and a long & warm talk. We hadn’t seen each other in quite some time, so it was good to catch up with her. Today I meeting My friend Remo, who was going to help Me to put up wallpaper in My hallway. It was good to see him, and to work together, towards a nice and clean hallway. Im happy we’ve finished it now a day to paint the hallway, and then it’s coming closer to getting finished 🙂 Nice nice, I feel good about that, My body will b sore tomorrow. But oh well. Afterwards I went to the beach, since the clouds looked interesting outside. Beautiful colors, and it wasn’t cold at all, no wind.. just lovely colors in the air, and a peacefull sight, how lovely and inspiring 😀 And now Im enjoying My lovely night, and writing about all the things I’ve done this week. Tomorrow evening, we’re going to work on our Play again, the time crawls nearer and nearer. There is enough to do. So I wish everyone a peacefull week, and loads of love & happiness. Smoochers & huggglz Marjon

Moonlight is sculpture.  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne~


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