Is there justice for Morgan or…?

Is there justice for Morgan or …?


Slowly the clock ticks away the minutes until the court will tell the verdict in the Orca Morgan case. Morgan the Orca that washed up on the WaddenSea in The Netherlands, and since then has been nurtured in Dolphinarium Harderwijk. Then it was suddenly not only the health of Morgan at stake but also the fact that they got many visitors. So they wanted to train her to do shows.


Now she is in Spain, in a park, in a much too small pool. On 1 November, a process has been about the health of Morgan and Dr. Ingrid N. Visser, of ‘t Free Morgan Foundation Expert, went to              Loro Parque, to see how Morgan is doing.

Quote: “I was disappointed to see how the life of Morgan has not increased. It is visible, that Morgan bangs with her head against the concrete, and she has been chewing on concrete, which isn’t good for her teeth. She has a wound above her eye, and they do not know how it has gotten there.


In the park is a male orca, Keto, and they would like him to mate with her, but Morgan thinks quite differently. Keto is her constant pain in the ass. (Men and their hormones)’ 

For me it is very clear what should happen, and to many others too. On August 31, Janet Mulder organised a demonstration against the Dolphins Slaughter in Japan. This demonstration took place in The Hague infront of the Japanese embassy. In Japan they hunt dolphins down to herd them into The Cove, the best dolfins are sold to the many aquariums in the world, and the rest is there to be slaughter. The Sea shepherd has been there since the hunt start, and film everything. Other people, from all over the world call the Japanese embassies to make them change their minds on this dolfin hunt. Online there are many petitions around to stop this madness. So please sign them !!!


Janet Mulder stands up for all kinds of animals, who need a voice, and similarly for Morgan. She’s on her way to Amsterdam, to the court where the matter will attend on Morgan. Tense we are waiting on Justice !


Janet in de middle!

I plead for freedom. Morgan was born in freedom, and deserves to be free. These beautiful animals animals not kept for the pleasure of mankind. Especially if you know how these animals are captured, and how many others this needlessly slaughtered.

I wish the judge much wisdom, and Morgan her freedom.



Unfortunatly there is a bad outcome, and the judge didn’t see any grounds to let Morgan free 😦 I’m truly sad over this wrong decision. Can’t he see how she is suffering? She never asked to be captured, nor to be locked up with another orca, etc… I feel goosebumps, and feel the sadness of the injustice which just occured 😦

Love Marjon


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