Tonight is the Technical Reheasal from ” Murder in the Christmasstable” .

Tonight is the night. The first night in the Theater, gosh it seems so long ago.


It was only may… when we’re last there. But this time it’s different, it’s more intense  it’s more butterfly’s in the stomach  Why do I hear you asking Me, well.. I would answer, because I’m going to have My debut to sing. I’ve never sang before, yeah other then with a lovely Karaoke band, or in the shower, but most certainly not on stage 😀 In front of all of you guys. So yes that brings some extra nerves with Me. And with the whole group. It’s a big production, and allot has to happen, and we play with little angels too, so there is allot going on. Allot to arrange and to make sure it’s all there, and in the right time, and in the right place . I do hear you thinking, why on earth do you like all that stress…


Well, to be honest… sometimes I do wonder that Myself too 😀

I love being on stage, and to entertain people. It’s what I always wanted to do since I was a little girl. So It;s following a dream. And it’s awesome to play, and to be in the flow of the play, and enjoying life till the fullest. That’s what it is for Me.

So tonight, its a matter of the lightplan, to see where I’ve to stand, to sing, to sit, to walk too, and where I’m in the spotlight, and where I’m not anymore…. so, yes.. the butterflys are having their way with Me in My tummy 🙂

I’ve been on three different Radio stations to promote our play, that was a blast, and I will probably go do some volentear work for one of them ! But that’s all new yet, and not arranged YET so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no one may know this yet 😀


Alrighty, well I really need to get going, to get Myself ready, and to not be late for My therapy, because I can use some relaxation. I wish everyone a great day.

And I ready you soon.

Big huggz




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