Just one more night !!!!

Well hello there, as I said we had technical rehearsal last night. It was a goodnight. It’s always strange, to walk into the theater where the stage will be yours in a few days… to build up the play, and to work towards the opening, until the very end. 


But the thrill is great ! 

We’ve a room for the Ladies where we can dress ourselves, and a room for the Men. We’ve a big group, so it will be busy there tonight, since we’re going with Makeup & hairdo’s !!!

So we’ve gotto be in ontime, to get the make up on, and dress, and prepare everything, a last look at things, before the clock ticks the time away.


And then the tune starts, and we’re all ready behind the curtains.. waiting for the Shepherd to start talking, waiting for the cue to come on stage, and play our first part. It went well, and with a flow we go off stage, walking slowly behind dark curtains, then it’s other people’s turn, and we’re figuring out where we’ve to get up the next time, and if we’ve got all the stuff we need. We help people change clothes, whenever needed, or try to reassure them, or just be silent. Most of the time 😀 

Everyone is different during a play. Some are quite relaxed, while others are so full of stress, you shouldn’t bother them. And keep in mind this is all still for fun huh? A bunch of Amateurs who love to play, and act, and do this for a hobby ! Alrighty then part 2 for us, making sure we put everything in place before we go on stage.. that also goes alright, they are checking the lights . and the wear abouts of us & the stuff, remember this is the first time we rehears with the stuff on stage. So sometimes the director tells us to do it again. And then we proceed again. People panic because they seem to be missing something,and in the hallway it’s cold. Half the crew is ill, Agatha Christie has lost her voice, and One of the Kings, did lose his voice last week, so .. it’s all a matter of getting those back intime !!! What a stress… So Agatha has one woman walking with her, who is saying her lines…. and the King tries his best.


I’m trying to stay away from them, because I still have to sing ya know, grinz.

So then, the ox is too late, and we try to improvise on stage… the Ox/King is the oldest of our crew… but still, he has to b there on time, grinz.  So then he is there, and we start again, and so the play goes, and I do My first song, and Im totally blinded by the light, which is handy at one point, because you don’t want to see someone who you know, to not get drawn out of your concentration. but it’s hard to keep looking into that, but at the end of the night we heard, we should because otherwise the people upstairs cant hear us… so ! Alright so I’ve done my solo, which went fine, so Im happy, when I leave the stage, and wait for My next appearance. So in the mean time, you see other people run, and try to get all their stuff together, and I’m waiting in the cold hallway, I,m happy to wear a scarf, a wollen one to keep Me warm ! So then there is the next scene Im on, and getting ready for My next song, together with Joseph, and Im in the spotlight, and they are playing with the light while Im singing.. and then Joseph is starting to sing, and I see him standing on the other side of the stage, and I think well what was that one line again, that one which we always forget?? And damn there it was… we both forgot that line LOL But we both went on like nothing happend, and so the song went well, and we went on…well I shouldn’t tell everything alright, because otherwise people can cancel their tickets, and now THAT’s not what they should do. They should come and enjoy us till the fullest. A play made with allot blood sweat and tears, and cough drops !!! I do hope that everyone has their voices back in time otherwise we will have a problem. 


Alright it’s time to relax before I start dinner, and go pick up one of the small angels, who is as well under the weather 😦 It’s that time of the year !!! And I do wish everyone a great evening, as will we.


Untill next time.






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