The General rehearsal

There is allot to say about the general rehearsal. There are many miths about what to say and what not to say… what brings luck, and what are surely No No’s? 🙂

In England they say ” Break a leg”, because wishing someone luck is a bad thing to do.

Another one is Spit the Devil in the face ! Here in Holland we say Toi Toi Toi !

Another tradition is, to give each other a little something, on the night of the premiere, to all the people who are playing, and work on the play for goodluck. I’ve been having quite some trouble into finding what I found suitable for a ‘ toi toi’ . But I succeeded. So Ive everything under control, and will hand them out tonite, when I do arrive in the Theater. 

At a Premiere, there is always extra tension.  I can feel it already, the butterfly’s are more significant, besides from being pregnant, there is allot going on in My tummy, grinz. And people are more nervous, to show the play to an almost Full house! We’re sold out Saterday & Sunday, so that’s a great boost to know, and that people now saying, oh a shame I wanted to come but… you’re TOO LATE, 😀 And do miss out on a great play ! That’s what I can say. 

So yesterday…When I came in and this was already different, because I had brought My neighbour girl, Lindsay, she is round 11 years old, and she talks your ears of your head. Which is cute, because she is a very smart cookie in the house, but it’s different then you can think well.. am going to do this now and that, I need to keep an eye on her , and make sure her & the other angels are on time on stage ! So that’s something extra I need to take care of. Then I was going to put on My clothes, because Lia,Image

needs to put on our make up, and in the Men s room there is another Lady who does the make up, because we’ve a big cast. So there is always stress about hair which wont stay put, or a wig, or whatever, and I take some shots in between. I Ain’ t got the time really, to do that, but I always enjoy the spiwit, and try to capture that 😀


So then upstairs, everyone has his/her thing, and wanders through the hallway, stuff is checked on stage, and in the hallways. Is everything ready? 

The clock ticks away,Image

and we need to come on stage to sing a lil, to know how loud the music is, spontanious I forget some lirics… yes it is in there.. I know.. 🙂  So then the director Jessica pulls all of us on stage, and then we’re going to say Toi Toi to each other ! and then we go back wards, to get in our starting positions. 

So Joseph and I tried to sing our song with that ONE line which we miss out, and then we do it brilliantly, but will it still B there when we have to sing it?? That’s the question. 

So the Shepard starts, and then are we, all offa sudden we’re late.. so that’s not a good start, so we do our first scene, and we’re quite content. Then we’ve a break, and help out people with clothes and stuff. And we’ve allot of fun in the hallway, and try to keep our throats happy with sweeteners ! Image

Then it’s our time again, and I learned that I didnt stand in the right position, afterwards that was. But we play…. and we go back again. Then another scene comes, and we miss the Ox.. so we start playing, and the Ox is nowhere to b found, and we just keep on going untill he walks on 😀 That’s called improvising 🙂 Which is a real sport ! Then I’ve My first song, and I sing as well as I can, and I even got applause, so I feel content, and go behind. 

Then its waiting till our next q, and then the muil is not there, she has to really be there in that scene, but oh well I m improvising, and the Ox looks puzzled at me. Until she appears. and we proceed. It’s amazing all that can happen you know.

In the mean time, the King, who I’ve told you about, his voice is falling away, so him is told not to speak anymore, as well as for Agatha Christie, so the lady has to do 2 roles now from the first row, she has a busy night. Will this come alright in time…?
We will find it out tonight wont we 😀 
Then we’ve our break, and drink some, talk some, change some, and go towards the final…

It was an interesting evening, and got the notes afterwards.

with Do’s and Dont’s !

Now the clock ticks.. and we’re waiting till its time to go to the theater, To hand out the toi toi’s and to get in makeup, and to b nervous on the side knowing that people are REALLY there to come to see you, among people….! 


So this is it for now 😀 I do wish everyone, a Great time, and I do hope you’ ll enjoy the show we’re serving you tonight ! Big big hugglz








3 thoughts on “The General rehearsal

  1. dimph

    Heel, heel veel succes vanavond Marjon, ik steek een lichtje voor jullie aan. Wat heerlijk dat het uitverkocht is.
    Rare nederlandse vertaling springt er ineens op mijn scherm, hihi……ik dacht dat jij heel goed Nederlands sprak haha……..ze kunnen bij Bing nog wel een goede engels-nedelandse vertaalster gebruiken als ik dit zo lees.
    Ga eten maken, al piepend, spruitjes met spekjes.
    Toy Toy, Hals und Beinbruch………wil ik je wensen en morgen weer helemaal voldaan en met minder zenuwen wakker. Ik lees het hoop ik wel van je.

  2. M@rjonwrites Post author

    Bing vertaling is vreselijk, maar ik ben blij dat je er om hebt kunnen lachen lieve 😀
    Google vertaling is beter in dat opzicht 🙂 Hier alles onder controle, ga ff eten halen.
    En dan nog even relaxen, voordat het avondmaaltijd is , en ik weg moet 😀 Liefs
    en dank voor jouw kaarsje. Liefs , Marjon


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