The Premiere 21 December 2012

The premiere,


I’m still smiling. Yesterday I left you behind before I had to go to the premiere.

I went to pick up the little angel downstairs, and than I drove to pick up the Shepherd.

It was nice and dry weather, and we spoke about stuffies in the car.

We parked the car, and we walked toward the dressing rooms. I had brought My toi toi toi’s,

and started to hand them out to the people who we’re already there. I got other toi’s from other players, and the director, the atmosphere is so magical on a premiere, i’s hard to describe, but I will try my best. So then I put up the Christmas story which Maja had written for us, her own version of the Christmas story. I had printed that and put it up the wall.

Then again in the make up, and getting dressed. The clock was ticking away. The King had lost his watch, so I helped looking, and it turned out it was in his shoe…like a pressy from Sinterklaas, so everything was found, and put into place, so we could get ready for the play.


The angels we’re ready, as we’re we ! And we heard the people coming in the Theater. The tension went up, and we all got ready for it.

As I wrote before the Shepherd Image

starts with 2 little angels who play sheep & wolf.. and he asks if the audience can sing, yes they could sing.. they said, and we we’re listening from behind, and then he got them to sing a Christmas song  and no matter what the Shepherd did, they wouldn’t stop singing… That was such a fabulous start, that the tone was set !

Then it was our entrance, Joseph, the muil and I ! They immediately started laughing, just coming on that was good, then it all went good, and people responded to the jokes in the text. So we had a good first play.


Then Joseph and I had to wait a bit, and it was the time for the Kings to enter, and that went fine, people enjoyed it. And also the other scene went well, then it was our time, to go rent a room in the tavern, and that scene went also fine, and there was more speed into the play as the night before, so it went good.

Then the time got closer to sing My first solo, and that was the biggest thing for starters, Ive never sang for an audience, like this before. Acting is alright, but singing?? So I walked up the spot where I was going to sing, and I started, and in My head My voice went, what’s the next line? I don’t know the next line… but it came from within… and it went very good, and I happily walked off stage, and I got applause from the audience.

So I was happy, and then we had to do one more scene before the break, and then a quick change for Me, and then have a drink, and congrats everyone with the great way the play went. And of course stuffies did go not quite like some thought it would, that’s always the case, but the play went More then Fine !!!

So in the second part, and now Im not going to say anything anymore , because those who read it, wouldn’t have to come anymore to see our show , so that’s an surprise.. 🙂

But We got a standing ovation, and people we’re truly enjoying themselves, and afterwards I heard that people got goosebumps from My songs, so that’s a very big compliment, and it was great to meet the people who stayed, to talk about the play.

I thank everyone of the players, who made this night happen, and it’s just a few hours away till the second play. It’s sold out, so it’s FULL House !!! YES !!!! And every night the audience will be different ! So I can’t wait to start this play. Now it’s time to go shower, and get some more cough drops which r eaten like candy !Image

And it will be very busy in the stores, because of Christmas.


I’m so not busy with Christmas, Im busy with the play !!!

Alright I wish everyone a good Day,

and until next time 🙂






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