The Second night

That’s always a danger, when you’ve had a great night at the premiere, to go into the second night. That you don’t get ‘ lazy’ as an actor thinking the race is already won. No you need to keep on being focused, and to fight for this round to make it all work again. Every night is another challenge.

So we’ve got to support everyone, and keep on making fun, which is a Big part of the night.

To have fun, and to laugh about stuff which isn’t going as it should’ve been going.


And not to let that drag you down. That’s not always the easiest task to do, but We do try. Then there are little angels around, who have their own agenda, although they we’re very good in staying where they should suppose to be, and doing what they had to do, so that’s awesome to work with them too.Image

So we we’re all ready .. and then we we’re told that we would start a little later, because of the weather, and they we’re expecting people still, so.. we we’re having fun in the hall behind.

And just before we went on stage Joseph asked, where is My headband? And I’m like well I don’t know, so in all panic it was found and put on. Grinz. Again they laughed as we came on stage, and we started our scene, I immediately saw familiar faces in the front row, but wouldn’t let that distract me.

So we went offstage, our first part was done, then the other parts went alright, although the shepherd seemed a bit nervous tonight. But we all have our better/worse nights at times, just let it B, it would be alright. So then we went to rent a reum at the Tavern, and this went alright too, so off we went again.

So then later on My solo came, and I walked up to the spot where I suppose to be.. and I looked

into the space expecting a big light to blind Me, but instead of that I saw all the faces, and thought FUCK where is the light? So I looked aside, and said, ‘ oh you can probably see Me better in here’ , so I walked over, and started the song. It went fabulous, and I happily left the stage. Pfew that part was done.

Then it was pause, and I’m to be changed for the end of the play, so I was all done, and people came downstairs to tell us how it went, and I heard that some of the players we’re less happy as with the premiere. So then the last part, with our difficult song was about to come !!!

It went great, there was a great spirit in the group, and we smacked a homerun with our end.

We got good applause, and we we’re happy to go out and meet the crowd. The best reaction was : ‘ it was like a waterfall which flooded the audience, as we we’re drawn into your enthusiasm of the play.’

That’s why I do act. Because of wanting to hit home, run a home run. I also got a compliment about how small I sang the songs… which was really touching. 😀 I’m so happy with this role, and proud of Myself, that I hit it !! and did it ! So today the last one.


Sad, but true,

I can’t get enough of that feeling, of playing the tension, the atmosphere, the fun, the everything!

Boy do I love to act !!! YES I DO ! 🙂 Thank you all for coming, and enjoying the play we gave you, we’ve made it with loads of pleasure, and we hope to see you all again in the future.

christmas begins with

Big big huggls to all of you.


 Thanks to all the Actors, and all the friends who made this Marvelous journey possible, I love all of you!




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