The Final !!

The Final.

The Sunday is always the hardest, because I’m tired from the late nights, and early risings, and then at Sunday we start at noon. Because the people will be ready for us at 14.00 hours. So, not allot time to regain My strength again, but still, I do feel happy, and ready for this last play. We’re going to go with a BIG BANG !!! Fireworks, that’s how I feel, despite the tiredness.

 I want to do certain things before I leave, because that makes Me feel good, such as writing a poem. I’ve that rhythm back, and I’m very happy with that, and not having anyone around, is help full, to not get distracted, and to just enjoy the peace. Then I wrote the blog of the night before, and I had to grab My stuff, and the pressy for the Director. My camera. And go shower and get ready.

We had arranged that we could eat in the Theatre, afwards, but that plan fell through, unfortunately, and the night before, a few of Us decided, to still go somewhere, to eat, and to say our goodbye’s instead of running out of the Theater, and say that’s that. This was a long and intense proses, and I knew one of the players, was going to say that she was leaving the group, and another member has moved into another town, so he would be leaving too. He wouldn’t come with us though, but I still wanted to fight, to get this group together. Our group needs more quality time and bonding in order to grow into a bigger group again, because we’re getting too small, otherwise.

 So that we’re things to arrange. I had a big card for the Director, together with the pressies, so I wrote something in there, and then I still had to shower, and get dressed, and bring bags, for all the stuff, which had to b cleaned out of the theater, afterwards. So allot to think off, not to forget,…

 So then I was almost ready, but didn’t had lunch yet, so I had to quickly eat My bread too, before I left, and picked up the little angel, who was ready, and said that it was a shame, that it was all over already. I couldn’t say anything else then to totally agree with her. How this weekend had flown by, and how we enjoyed the play !!! So then we picked up Ruud, and drove off to the theater, where all the crew was standing in front of the theater. It was still closed. And their faces we’re sour. They had been waiting for 30 minits already.

They couldn’t wipe out My good mood today, so I waited patiently till the boss came to open up the joint, so we could put our cars in the parking, and start with the last time, to put on our outfits, and the last time get into the make up.

 So we did and so we did, and made sure we had all our things together. Clothes, knittingstuff, that’s all Maria needs ! So I’m quickly done, but others need way more stuff, so it was always a big gathering, to get it all ready before we could start. Luckily Nel had her voice back, and she could speak without a mic today. Yehhh!

 Time flew by, and we we’re ready for a last time ‘ Murder in the Christmas stable’ .

 Then we stood there waiting in the hallway, saying that we had 5 more minits. We we’re going to ROCK one more time !!! There would be children in the audience, so that was going to be different! And friends of Mine would be there. So alright. Let’s go. So the Shepherd started… and it was waiting in the audience we’re going to sing or not today… and when they started to sing… one man ( Jessica her dad) started to shout Ajax ! And then another man Feyenoord. Names of football clubs here in Holland, so The Shepherd got the chance to stop that, and he went off stage, and on We went. I’ve to push the muil in the beginning, so life starts unfair already for Maria, ain’t life a bitch? Grinz . And then My knitting stuff fell.. on the floor, so I had to pick that up… great start alright..

And on went our scene, the people responded to our scetch, and it went just fine, and off we went, so yes, we did start good. Then the other scenes followed, and I noticed that Myra, had a great start too, you can hear it in her voice, her song went great, and the other song with the Boss of the Tavern, Ruud, went great, she was really playing till the fullest, although she forgot one part to sing, so that made Ruud forget his cue to start to sing again, but it looked fabulous. The audience loved it, and applauded anyway 🙂 They don’t know the song do they now, grinz

 Then we had to rent a room at the tavern, and I felt that Ruud was more in his role then the Day before, since he was more playful, which is great! You grow into a role, as you play it more times, so we had a good part there.

Then the three Kings came on, and one was late, because he had to change his outfit from Angel to King, and he had made up a great intro about himself, Ilja is brilliant at that, and it made people laugh. A shame I never could see it ! But I will on the video.

 11 IMG_9801

Then We got the scene in the stable, where I have My solo song. This time I didn’t bother to stir up some shit in the technical room, to walk to the wrong spot again, so I sang My song, as I enjoyed it immensely ! And I got applause. Off I went.

 Then was the scene with Agatha Christie and the Kings, which was also very funny.

 The number of ‘ In Heaven’ went great too. I heard people enjoy that song, which is cool of course.

And I went downstairs, to change and get My hair done.


Lia did My hair, and I put on My blue dress! And off we went to round two..

We had to wait, because it was full house, and not many bartenders we’re there, so not everyone had something to drink. So we waited in the hallway, and had fun with each other. It went well, and we we’re going to have a great final!!!

 Then the first scene is when Joseph sleeps in the field and the shepherd finds him, that went fine, and then the scene where Agatha is trying to reconstruct what has happened, because one of the Kings seems murdered, which she had heard the night before.

 Then a Dutch inspector comes on stage (King Casper) to investigate what has happened.

33 IMG_8389

Then our scene , of the muil ox and Me, and Im still crying, that Joseph walked out on me, and I get the duet with Joseph and Jesus in My belly ! ( the muil) Can you still follow this? Grinz

Vivo perlei, a difficult song, which we worked so hard on.

I lost it a bit, but I got Myself back on track, and Joseph was shining as he did his solo, and then the delivery started,… Aaaahhhhh… I shouted, and people laughed as Agatha came on stage with her pink apron and hand shoes. Then Gabriel started to sing, and I went into labour. People we’re laughing, and I was working hard to give birth to Jesus for the very last time this year ! And there he was… and people applauded when Jesus was born, but I didn’t have time to recover, because Two Kings arrived for the baby shower, they handed the gifts, and when I wanted to kiss Joseph the light went out, and …. such a shame… grinz

47 IMG_8422

 Then King Melchior gets murdered in the Dark, which shows when the lights go on, and Joseph and I run to the side, then Lia is going to talk to the Inspector Baantje, which is also at the scene, to investigate what he has been upto, and to be discovered that he is King Casper, who has murdered King Melchior, then all of a sudden Jesus starts talking, he discovers that the Kings are all gay, and they have to admit that that. So that happens, and then Lia admits that she wants to travel with the Kings, so they go off stage, then Jesus asks Me if we will be going to Joseph, and then I say yes the crib will be ready right now, so then Agatha asks if she may come too to make a picture, so off We go, and there is the stable, and Agatha and I arive, with Jesus, We are going to make a picture of Us, and the Angels come , and the Shepherd, with the angels and sheep. And then Agatha is going to Heaven, and the people say : Awwww… and We sing about Jesus, how he will become the best carpenter in the world, and then Everyone comes back on stage, to wave at Agatha, and then We’re going to sing : In Heaven, the song from YMCA !!! And that’s the end.

 The people stood up, and gave us a big aplausse, and we all felt awesome. It was a great great final, and we could be proud of how we pulled it off this weekend ! We started to clean up the theater, and I went out in front to meet the people who came for Me, and had a few drinks with them.

 I received another two bouquets of flowers, and had fun talking to My friends, as I had to get My stuff, and put it in the car, as I had arranged that we would have dinner at the place where we rehears, to get together, have a meal, and to be able to say to the director how I have experienced this period, and to give her that present, and to give Myra the chance to say that she was leaving the group. I was happy to see that I had been stubborn enough to arrange this gathering, because we needed this as a group. It was a good closure, for this year.

 And I was tired, after eating the spaghetti, and talking to the people, I left, and went home, where I put the flowers finally in vases, and sat My ass down. I felt how tired I was, and I went to bed, to rest a good night sleep.

 The End.

groep1 Marjon


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