8 march, Woman’sday .
Now we think, is this really necessary in this place and time, where we really don’t have poverty in the ‘ Rich ‘ West part of the world ? Unfortunately it’s still needed, because even woman here are suppressed, and being put down for their believes, their idea’s their wants, and needs, let alone, all those women out there, in war zones, in countries where they don’t take care of all those women, who worked hard, who put children in the world, who helped building their country, but get trown away as gar bitch when they aren’t use full anymore. It’s still needed to think of all those woman, who are still is suppressed situations, and who don’t have a voice, who aren’t heard. That’s why it’s important to have such a day as today, to stand still, and think what can I do to make a difference ?
I wish everyone a good day.
8 marchMarjon

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