Being a female sucks at times… and not inna good way

Hello all,

It has been a while since I’ve written, but today I so feel the need to write, to share what is happening overhere.

Alright, since I’ve had My period in life, it always was a bitch to go through. heavy pains, and laying ill in bed with loads of painmedication, so I don’ t know any better than I had a shitty period. When I became older, I used the pill untill I got strange tummyackes which wouldn’t go away, and my gyneocologist decided to do an operation on My tummy to see what was going on. He found endometrioses. For those who don’ t know what that is here a link.

So he said you should take the pill, and take it for half year, and then let your period come, once each half year. So I did and I was relieved, that they’ ve found out what was bothering Me for all those years.

Three years ago, I’ve gotten tromboses ( which is related with the pill, so they say) So I couldn’t use the pill anymore. So the next option was an Intrauterine device.

So it was put in, and it was all a bless, had no problems, and very very sometimes a bit of blood, but that was it, untill end of last year, I was bleeding more regulairly, but I didn’t think any of it, untill I had such a horrible bellyacke and My friend asked, don’t you’ve endometrioses ? I thought shit, yes, that’s also one of the things which I suffer, so I made an appointment with the hospital to have it checked out.

So I got a different gyneocologist, but I was happy to be checked out. He did an ultrasound, and couldn’t see anything unusual everything was fine. I than asked the man if it could be that My  Intrauterine device could work less good, since I was bleeding more then other times, No he said, that will work for five years ! ALrighty, I had to let bloodwork done, and had to come back, so I made an app. with My own gynoceologist, for the results.

When I saw him, he said the blood was fine, the endometrioses wasn’t playing, up and thank god my bellyacke had gone down too. So i asked him the same question if it could be that My  Intrauterine device could work less good since I was bleeding more. Yes he said, their abbility will go down the longer they are in the body, so if I kept on bleeding, I needed a new one.

Alright I was going to check it out now.

You can guess right, the bleeding got more, so I called the hospital to set an date for a new  Intrauterine device. The assistant told me that the ensurance didn’t cover all costs anymore and this would go cost Me 550 euro’s, which trew Me off My chair. I’m like say that again? So I made an appointment, and I called My ensurance, yes they said, we will only pay 200 for the whole anti conseption a year. But she said, you can do this at the doctor’ s office too, so I called My own doctor, and yes they would do it, so I was happy, canceld the date in the hospital, and this morning was the date for IT to happen.

I was bleeding for the whole week, and pain in My body, so I was so ready for it, so I just got home from the doctor, without a new  Intrauterine device, why? because She couldn’t find it.. pffff So now I had to call the hospital FOR an appointment, to try to see IF it’s still there, and to put the new one in afterall.

How happy can a woman be with her body, and all this stuff which I don’t ask for.

I do hope that I can work out something tomorrow, to be able to eat next month, instead of paying the full ammount, and pennyless.

Sometimes ya know… sometimes…

Im having my period


end of rant.




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