I became more angry and sad tonight

I was watching the news tonight and I became really very angry, angry and sad. This time the ‘news’ was about Iraq, and Isis. About death and religion. It makes me sad incredible sad, to hear how people can believe that any religion is about killing and hatred, to force their believes onto others or to rape harm torture those who think differently. I get so fed up by all those storys of war, of hatred of destruction.

The story’s of young girls murdered, slaughtered and men getting arrested, and who knows what will happen to them, they’ve to chose to change their religion or die. What kind of world do we live in, how is it possible in this time and Day, that so so many people don’t want peace, they chose war over acceptation, above love. I’ve no religion, but I believe that any religion is about love, and about respect.

Children are conceived in Love, broughf into this world with all the love in the mothers who give birth to them. The biggest gift you can give your children is freedom, is an healthy envirement, an education, loving friends and family arround them. Isn’t this the wish of any parent in the world?

Then why on earth is it so so so hard to live besides each other? When is this rediculous hatred and powerhungry people who chose to murder going to realise that that’s not what the world is about, that they won’t learn their lessons why they are here on the planet in the first place?

What has to be done to get through to those people? I’ve written a piece before about the war, in which I’ve said, from the moment I was born in 1967 there was war in the world. Has there ever been World peace? I

was lucky to’ve been born here in The Netherlands.

It’s what I wish to everyone & anyone.

Peace on earth !




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