I can’t believe it,

I can’t believe it,

The world is on fire, and it seems that it only gets worse and worse.

In the name of what do people feel the right to kill or slaughter other people?

Religion? I can’t believe that any religion would talk about hatred,

and the right to take someone elses life? While we are all related

to each other, in principle, it started somewhere billions of years ago.

Well, read the history books, and you don’t read about anything else,

about people with a certain religion couldn’t stand people who would think

otherwise, but now so many centuries later, people seem to have not learned

one thing at all from those books, they are just interested in power.

Powerhungry men who things anger & hatred is the sollution.

When are we, going to let our voices be heard, to stop ? TO please stop

ALL the violence all over the world, all together, to say we’re fed up with it,

we’ve heard and seen enough disturbing images, and people should stop this !!

No more War. Who is with me on this?

I can’t hear anymore bad news, about all the fireplaces in the world.

I’m fed up with it. It’s not that I don’t feel sorry for all the victims, and all

those innocent children, because I do, and I wished I could do anything

to help those poor souls, who never asked for this shit to happen.

So Menkind, think again, and stop killing your brothers and sisters.

It’s not making the world a better place.

Let’s March for Peace !!!!




2 thoughts on “I can’t believe it,

  1. C.J. Penn

    I believe you speak for most people. I also believe the problem is that all the evil of the world comes from one source: human pride. As you mentioned the power-hungry… their hunger comes from their arrogance and selfish pride. Unfortunately, pride is a part of our nature. Everyone suffers from the pain of their own pride, to some degree. The answer is humility. I’ve tried on my own to live a more humility-centered life. But the self-centered me gets in the way. The only way I have found to live humbly is with the help of Jesus Christ.


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