I couldn’t believe my eyes, when I read the news, when i woke up.

Robin Williams aint no more,…

How is that possible? Such a talented man, so many great movies

he did, shows, I don’t know everything about him, but this…?

When you hear the reason why, depression and addiction, it hits home.

Depression is a bitch desease, and so many people suffer from it.

I saw one comment online which struck me :

Robin Williams passing is not only a tragedy but also an example of how blinded people can be to someone’s true mental state. Reach out

This is so true. I also suffer from depression, now and then.

It’s a very lonely desease, and a lonely struggle to deal with it.

There are many sorts of Depression, Mine is called : Dysthymia


And to get back to the responds. This is so true. I also am a tough cookie,

who can do anything I want too, although it seems. But no one sees

the real struggle I fight at times. The lonelyness, the sadness, which

lives in me, and makes me depressed at times. And no you wouldn’t know

unless I would tell you too, because who wants to burden anyone with their bullshit,

who would even want to listen? If they ask you how you’re doing do they do that to be

polite, or do they really want to hear you feel like crap? My experience is that they don’t

want to hear that. And that’s what happens with so many depressed people.

They suffer in silence, untill one climbs out of that state, or find a way to deal with it.

I became very angry, and one sentence went through my head, the titel of a new poem :

‘ And still they don’t hear me’

And still they dont hear me

We’ve lost a remarkable man, actor, father, citizen of this world. And we will remember him

as a very talented and sweet man, whom everyone would’ve wanted to meet and greet.

What if, … what if he didn’t wanted to die, but he just didn’t want to feel that pain anymore, that terrible burden which he had to drag allong in his life, what if,… No one will know his struggle, his fights he had to go through, to get so deep, to not being able to deal with it anymore. It’s painfull that he has lost his battle,…


~ Robin Williams

21 juli 1951 ~ 11 August 2014

Rest in Peace ~



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