Boyfriend Privileges

My experience is that the type of men who falls for me, isn’t my type, it’s the too nice guy, but without any depth in general. So they are nice in the beginning, but then it bores pretty quick. Why did I fall for those guys in the past you might wonder? Attention is always nice, and the feeling of want to belong even more. So I did try, over and over, untill I was through with that. The type of men whom I think suits me, is no where to be found or already taken. It’s far from easy to find the missing piece of the puzzle, and although I’ve given up the search a long time ago, one eye always wonders, and Im open to that person who rocks my boat. But is it easy? Far from, that’s why I’m letting it go, and doing the things I love , which fullfills me till the fullest, and does he/she comes allong fine, if not? Also fine, just love life, and enjoy every moment of it 🙂 I wish you all enough. Marjon

The Fickle Heartbeat

Signs You’re In It For The Long Haul

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Recently I’ve come upon the issue of men who struggle to get anywhere with women. They just can’t figure out why they are having trouble when they have seemingly done everything right. The frustration builds and usually the excuse “women only like assholes” is flung around. Personally, I don’t think women only like assholes. I do, however have a theory on a common reason men fail with women.

When a guy likes a girl he will usually show it by being nicer to her than normal. In some cases, this leads to friendship. The guy will be yearning for romance while the woman is satisfied with staying friends. Now the question becomes why is it that the girl is satisfied with being just friends? My guess is that it involves what I call “boyfriend privileges”. Boyfriend privileges are the special things a man does for…

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