The Drama Queen… You Better Put the Kettle On

I’m so sorry you went through this, but you’re a great writer, and I’ve enjoyed reading it big time. But to go through it… ahh no way jose !
Have a good one. Marjon.

The Fickle Heartbeat

Shared by Anna.

This is another one of those awful dating experiences that left my friends sides splitting.

For me, at the time, it was less amusing…

I was suppose to go on a date with… We’ll call him Queeny for now…. back in February but never got round to it.

I’d kept cancelling for some reason or another, I think it was because he was always going on about how busy he was helping people (it later transpired that this was indeed because he was being paid, and so he could bask in the glory and not because he genuinely wanted to help)..

Until that fateful day in March when I received a message from him asking how I was doing.

Pleasantries out of the way and he wants to know if I’d like to go on a date with him. Basically, the only time I was…

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