Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t !


People aren’t easily pleased. There is always something

to nag about, to be pissed off about. It seems close to

impossible to finally see the same thing in which is.

lost their lives, by terrorists, people stood up,

and came out their homes, all over the world to protest.

To protest out in the streets to say ‘ No More’.

Yesterday there was a huge demonstration in Paris, with

leaders of the world walked with each other, to stand together,

and to show the world that we don’t tolerate terrorism !

Which is awesome, which is great to see so many people

who stand together for all those people who lost their lives,

and to say ‘ No more ‘ towards this violence, and hatred,

which they’ve tried to spread.

The principle is good! Of course it is. But…

Now people say, those hypocritical leaders of the world

who walked there arm in arm, in their country’s there is also

corruption, and one isn’t allowed to say what they think nor feel,

and express that to the world, or to love the one they want to love.

So, the conclusion = They can never do it right.

If they’ve wouldn’t have been there, there would’ve been comments

about how they couldn’t have taken this attack seriously, and to show

the world that this isn’t tolerated. But now they we’re there, and then

we’re saying it is no good that they we’re there because of how it is in

their own country.

So can they Ever do it right?

Let’s hope, dear people, that this is a big step forward, and that people

will learn from this useless attack, that this has planted seeds in people,

that this is NOT the way to live with each other around the world.

But we’ve got to start with ourselves.

We know that mankind doesn’t learn quick, unfortunately, but please,

let’s stay positive because, we’ve got to live in this world all together,

so let’s make this world a better place, by learning to tolerating each other.

  • Hate Never solved anything, so let there tolerance & love~




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