Fourteen springs

Fourteen springs

This poem which I’ve written for today ‘ Fourteen springs ‘ is written for Maartje.

I heard from my dear friend Diny this very sad story about this young girl, why she took her own life. We’ve had many sad examples in the past, which I’ve written about before. But this still isn’t enough to make it stop. Bully and be bullied. In school they don’t have the right methods to work through this together. Her school also fails in capturing it, and guiding Maartje through this. Children suffer in silence. I’ve also been a child whom sufferend in silence, and that’s why I want to give these children a voice. So that it’s not forgotten, but think by ourselves. How are our children doing, what are they doing, and how are they are doing at school, and on the internet?

Such a storys have to be shared, to make sure that this will never happen again.

Share this story, and talk about it, but never be silent !



2 thoughts on “Fourteen springs

  1. Beatlesfan

    It’s so sad too many kids are killing themselves because they’re bullied or even teased because they’re perceived as different or they have some weird bad habit.

  2. M@rjonwrites Post author

    It sure is sad, and it happends all over the globe. we need to keep our eye on children, don’ t let them wander online, without knowing where and what, and keep in touch with school, talk to your children, so you know what’s happening in their lives!


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