Day 50 that the swans are on the nest

Today I got good news from a dear friend of mine, she told me that they’ve left their nest. It seemed wierd because I was  there last night, and the woman swan was still making their quiet nest in order… how sad, but as I was about to leave, I had to go and see it for myself.

Once I came there :


I saw her standing on her nest, she stood there so sad, and nothing moved, no sound, no nothing, it was very sad to watch, as if she comprehends, what’s going on… or is she ?2a

The 3 stooges we’re there too again, untill the Father Swan, came swimming towards the nest, and he saw me , and came at me, and the ducks had to move out of the way, and I thought I don’t want a fight, so I backed off, he didn’t like any one who was watching apparently, so he stayed there a little while, and then he went into the water again.3a 4a

So I left them in peace, and went to do my other stuff.

I’m very sorry that it didn’t worked out for them this year. Hopefully they will move on soon.

Untill so far, the update of the Swan story.



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