A day with Dorien.

Today I had an appointment with Dorien. She is a very dear friend of Mine, who is 88 years young, and whom I’ve met through gym. A few years ago I started to work out at My Physical therapist at monday mornings. And that’s a group of women older them Me, I can say, grinz

So I love to go out with Dorien, to take her places, and today I was going to go there ! I was called awake, and noticed it was kind of late, so I called her, and told her that I would be later. I noticed that she gets a bit more forgetful. I do worry about her,.. of course she on a certain age, but she is such a sweetheart, that I can’t think of having to lose her.

She is very smart and wicked, and so happy with her grandchildren. She is a blessed woman. So we spoke about anything and everything, she has a very intriguing past, since she came from Indonesia, and went through the war, in which loads of people we’re murdered, and mistreated, as in any war I suppose  She was very lucky to get out of there alive. She hasn’t got anyone to talk to, about that time, and Im very interested, and amazed how positive she is, and how she went through that horrible time of her life.

She all offa sudden joked about dying, she said, when you find my obituary in your mailbox, you have to cry you know… I said well don’t you joke about such, you strange woman, I want you here for a very very long time, and I would miss you terribly when you would go, we’ve so much to do still !

It’s amazing , she is amazing, and very dear to Me! So I really do hope she stays around for quite some time, but it makes Me wonder too, when people started talking like that.. maybe that the time is near.. who knows? Death comes and goes as it pleases… so

Then I had to go and I made some pictures of beautiful autumn colors and clouds, it’s so dark soon, so.. I went home, to make dinner for my rascal  And I haven’t heard from the headteacher of Milenko’s old school which I called to interview him about bullying at school. I should give him another ring tomorrow.

Alright, Obama won! I think that’s good for the good Ol Usa, although some friends of Mine disagree 🙂 I’ve sent them a nice picture 🙂

just cause

Thought it was fun. Well I think I need to go get My body some rest, tomorrow another day. Goodnight and sweet dreams 🙂

dont let the bedbugs bite





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